9 Jan 2011

Pengertian Psikologi Pendidikan Menurut Encyclopedia Amerika

Education Psychology is concerned with finding and applying principles and techniques that promote efficiency in instruction

According Barlow ( 1985 ) said Education Psychology is a body of knowledge grounded in psychologycal research wich providers repertoire of resourses to aid you in funcioning more effectively in teaching – learning process

Witherington ( 19778 ) said Education Psychology is a systematic study of the process and factors involved in the education of human being

Muhibbin Syah ( 2002 ) Said education Psychology is sebuah disiplin psychology yang menyelidiki masalah psikologis yang terjadi dalam dunia pendidikan

Elliot, dkk ( 1999 ) Said Education Psychology is the application of psychology to the study of development, learning, motivation, instruction and related issues

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